Paracas Ica Nazca Tour 2 days

Paracas Ica Nazca Tour 2 days


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Paracas Ica Nazca Tour 2 days


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Paracas Ica Nazca Tour

With our Paracas Ica Nazca Tour, you will overfly the famous Nazca lines, which can only be seen from the air, were traced in the desert sands around 600 AD. The desert sands of Nazca reveal treasures of ancient civilizations. Each of these figures extends for more than 500 meters, their origin remains an enigma today. The Paracas National Reserve – which includes the Ballestas Islands – is a rich coastal ecosystem that is home to the most magnificent marine fauna.

A short distance away are the cities of Ica and Pisco, a wine center and home of Peru’s national drink. Ica, land of cotton and wine, is full of history. On its desert plains, the ancient Peruvians wove splendid tunics of various colors; mummified their dead with singular skill; and drew giant lines and figures in the desert as a tribute to the water or to interpret the messages of the Sun, Moon and Stars.


  • Day 01: Ballestas Island / Huacachina Oasis.
  • Day 02: Flight over the Nazca Lines.

Sites to visit

  • Ballestas Island / Huacachina Oasis.
  • Overflight Nazca Lines.

Details of the paracas ica Nazca Tour

Paracas National Reserve

The Paracas National Reserve encompasses land and sea and the most important fauna of the Peruvian coast. The area is especially known for its bird and marine life. Birds nest on the offshore islands in such numbers that their nitrogen-rich droppings (guano) accumulate in quantities large enough to be commercially exploited as fertilizer.

This practice dates back at least to Inca times. The most common guano-producing birds are the Guanay cormorant, Peruvian booby and Peruvian pelican. They are seen in colonies of several thousand birds. Less frequent, but of special interest, are the Humboldt penguins in the Ballestas Islands and the Chilean flamingos in Paracas Bay. The Andean Condor occasionally comes ashore and can be seen gliding majestically on the thermal cliffs of the Peninsula.

Ballestas islands Cruise

Cruise around the Ballestas Islands to see many birds and marine life such as sea lions lying on the rocks or swimming around the boat. Some species such as penguins are less visible. En route we will see the giant figure engraved on the coastal hill called Candelabro, similar to the figures of the Nazca Lines.

Ica is a pleasant colonial town of about 150,000 inhabitants 306 km from Lima. The Pan-American Highway heads inland from PISCO, rising gently to 420 meters above sea level at ICA. As a result, the city is high enough to rise above the coastal garúa (sea fog) and the climate is dry and sunny.

he desert surrounding Ica is noted for its huge dunes and deserts, abundant “HUARANGOS”, palm trees, cotton and grapes. Ica is also the main wine center of Peru, you can visit some Bodegas, is a Pisco distillery with old grape presses made with huge tree trunks, outside the city is the Huacachina Lagoon, surrounded by sand dunes, where you can do sandboarding or buggy riding. The Regional Archaeological Museum, with a magnificent collection of ceramics and skulls, and the Cabrera Museum, with a collection of engraved stones, are also major attractions.

Highlights to Paracas Ica Nazca Tour:

The famous Nazca Lines are cut into the rocky desert, not only in the form of parallels and geometric figures, but also in the form of a dog, a huge monkey, birds, a spider and a tree.

This is a short 2-day excursion from Lima to the Pacific coastal town of Paracas and the impressive desert oasis of Huacachina. In Paracas, sail to Peru’s “poor man’s Galapagos” and visit the impressive coastal National Reserve.

In Huacachina, combine Sandboarding/Dune buggying followed by a flight over the mysterious Nazca Lines the next day. A perfect two-day getaway from Lima.

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